Here's just a small sampling of the companies we've helped over the years.

BWIN.PARTY Digital Entertainment

As Group Head Product Governance, Greg led the Agile transformation at using large scale Scrum (LeSS), Innovation Games® and LeanOps.  He put together a team of coaches and trainers covering 3 product lines, 7 countries and the creation of nearly 100 newly formed and trained feature teams.  The scope of change included all development and operations, product management, HR and the executive team.

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While at Valtech, Greg led the team that provided Agile and Lean coaching, training and large program management using LeSS and Innovation Games®.  Over 35 coaches and trainers involving many product lines trained many 100's of teams in more than a dozen countries.  We helped to establish an internal independent team of coaches and trainers to continue the transformation.

Schneider Electric

Greg and his team provided LeSS and SAFe scaled agile training and coaching at major sites in Europe, N. America and Asia, working with the internal program change leader and as a member of a large internal change management team.  Serious games and simulations were an integral part of the program, as well as Agile Management training and coaching.


Greg served as Agile and Lean transformation lead at Michelin, across a very large IT portfolio, with rigorous transformation from a stage gate industrial process to Lean and Agile methods.  We used a series of pilot projects and grew the program using inspect and adapt cycles to fit with Michelin's culture, working for the Group CIO and a very engaged executive team.